Delta Education Vineyard

The Delta Education Vineyard is an educational and career readiness program for the benefit of Delta High School and Clarksburg Middle School students. This 1.5-acre vineyard is located on the Old Sugar Mill’s property in the heart of the Clarksburg wine region. Through this program, students learn vineyard management practices and become familiar with the wide range of vocations that are available and relevant in our local economy.

Participation in these programs equips students with the skills to confidently enter the California viticulture industry. The Delta Education Vineyard is cultivating the next generation of community leaders, agricultural professionals, and, ultimately, the legacy of the Sacramento Delta region.

One of a kind

Delta Education Vineyard is the only known educational vineyard in the entire state.

Harvest 2020

We harvested over 6.8 tons of Chenin Blanc grapes and 2.26 tons of Cabernet Franc grapes this past fall.

Filling a Need

Every year, career openings go unfilled due to a lack of interest in working in agriculture.

Covid-19 and the 2020-2021 school year

Throughout the 2020–2021 school year, the River Delta Unified School District will continue working with the Sacramento County Office of Education to determine when it is safe to resume in-person classes. Until then, all instruction will be conducted remotely. Students are currently not allowed in the vineyard without prior approval from the instructor, limiting hands-on learning that we had envisioned. For now, we are keeping students updated about the status of the crop, harvest activities, and our ongoing relationship with the Old Sugar Mill. We look forward to eventually welcoming students back to the vineyard once it’s safe to do so.

The Delta Education Vineyard relied heavily on volunteerism over the past several months to help with the management of the vineyard and the harvest of this year’s crop. Luckily, we have some amazing local volunteers including the Walnut Grove and Clarksburg Rotary Clubs that came to our rescue for the first Chenin Blanc varietal picking in late August and September and the Cabernet Franc varietal in late September. The Delta Education Vineyard will be seeking volunteers to help with pruning and vineyard maintenance in late January and through the month of March. Announcements about upcoming work days will be posted.

Pictures and videos will have to do until the pandemic subsides enough that we can get the students in the vineyard again. You can always keep up with the latest information about Delta Education Vineyard by visiting our Facebook page.

Delta FFA

The Delta Education Vineyard is part of the expansive Future Farmers of America and agriculture education program at Delta High School and Clarksburg Middle School. Our vineyard is just one of many ways we’re preparing students for essential, fulfilling careers in agriculture.

Local Rotary Clubs

We are able to do what we do with the help of several local Rotary Clubs. Pictured above are from left to right are Tom Engle with Rotary Club of West Sacramento-Centennial, Katherine Vandiest with Rotary Club of Clarksburg, and Larry Gorham with Rotary Club of Walnut Grove.

The Old Sugar Mill

The Old Sugar Mill has leased a share of their land for the Delta Education Vineyard Project, and they purchase and process the grapes at harvest. A premier wine destination of the Sacramento Delta hosting fourteen unique Northern California wineries, the Old Sugar Mill is now open for wine purchases and curbside pickup.