2020: Saul Torres

The Delta Education Vineyard was established to provide students an opportunity to experience the management of a vineyard and to raise funds to award scholarships.  The Delta Education Vineyard established the scholarship to recognize students for their dedication to the agriculture industry, participation in the vineyard, and their involvement with the FFA. 

Saul Torres was awarded the first Delta Education Vineyard scholarship in the Spring, 2020. Saul is majoring in Viticulture at California State University, Fresno and plans to work in the agriculture industry after graduating. Saul has worked for Heringer Estates for the past 4 years performing numerous tasks in vineyards. He was also employed by a local farmer producing fresh organically grown produce for fresh markets. In addition, Saul is a very involved member of the FFA at Delta High School. He raised market lambs for both the Yolo and Sacramento County Fairs and was a member of the grapevine judging team. As a member of the Delta FFA, Saul earned his State FFA Degree, Yolo Section Proficiency Award Winner, member of the Agricultural Leadership Class, and participated in numerous FFA activities and community service projects.

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